Wanting To Fire Your RE Agent?

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Isn’t there a written contract or a verbal contract? It all depends on the verbiage on the written contract. No good agent, kick him on the butt.

Uh, how about a simple daytime picture of the house, hmmmmm???

That would be, like, booooorrrrring.

Uh, we are not here to win some photography award ok??? Lead photo should show the house in good light (pun intended).

Will anyone even be home during the day? It takes 3.5 jobs to buy a house nowadays :stuck_out_tongue:

??? I am just suggesting that an RE agent should do the basics well first. Your lead photo of a home listing should clearly show the style of the house so that interested buyers get a good first impression without having to open the listing. Are you selling the sunset or the house?

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firing your agent should be a last resort. Before taking any action, try to work out any issues through open communication and give your agent a chance to make things right. However, if the situation cannot be resolved, that’s the time to find another agent.