Warantless device searches at the border

Since i am the privacy bunny here, i think i should share some news/texts to raise awareness.

Nobody cares about privacy. Ask Mark Z.

I don’t use FB, can’t ask.

WHAT? Tell me you aren’t using a Linux laptop.

Mac, but it used to be linux. I picked mac because of its battery. Kind of dying to go back to linux, though. I like my linux dev env more than macosx.

You taped the camera right? Because, the government!

Have not yet, but considered. Then i remembered, i use my phone, and it doesnt have tape either.

And i note your sarcasm, i hope that you one day learn why privacy is important :slight_smile:

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I care about privacy but think resistance is futile. It’s a trade off. You trade privacy off for convenience.

Warrantless search is definitely bad though. No sarcasm there.

The reason i dont use fb, and will soon stop using linkedin, is because it doesnt add anything valuable to my life. People doing things and showing them off and stuff is just not appealing to me :slight_smile:


Even Mark Z does!

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thanks for the reminder, i should also do this. I wish laptops had the “cover” that ordinary webcams do. I use a webcam for my desktop that has that.