Warren Buffet did beat you, didn't he?


How come he can’t sell his own house in Laguna Beach?

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He is a hoarder of $, so I believe he doesn’t have time for little things. He will die rich, but poor in enjoying life while alive.

I like orange juice & think that life is great with it. Somebody else might like tomato juice & think life is great with that.

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There is enormous life satisfaction to be had by living a simple lifestyle. Warren Buffet might be living a very rich life full of quality experiences and a high degree of satisfaction. One doesn’t need to spend much $ to enjoy life.

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Not everyone needs hookers, blow and fast cars to enjoy life. In fact nobody lives to 85 with that gansta lifestyle. Buffet seems happy with his McDonald’s burgers and cokes. Certainly doesn’t need the beach house. Probably bought for his kids.



Ask spanky mcbonespurs Trumpovich about it. :smile:

There’s a satisfaction on everything you do, or not do. But the best satisfaction is to let go the reins of power and the temptation of the next $1 or $1B, and still enjoy life without looking back. That’s something WF can’t and won’t do. It’s about the feeling of power and recognition.

I bet we all will do the same. I hope I am not one.

When you are 85 there is no way you can spend it fast enough. In fact WB doesn’t even have time to give It away. The Gatesfoundation will handle that. wB likes making money and will do it well until he dies.