Warren Buffett

This is about simple portfolio re-allocation based on BRK holdings for tax efficient adjustments.

If you want to make some cash position, will you sell your 1998 bought AAPL or some other stocks bought later in your life. Which will give you least taxable amount?

BAC, WFC are bought long time before, easy cake is JPM & GS which was bought later.

Regarding GOLD, it is temporary move as GOLD has better appreciation than bonds, cash as he thinks negative on stocks. It is a hedge against inflation as he feels Treasury may not hold well.

(The Making of an American Capitalist)

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Buffet buying outside.

WB follows Cathie into defensive healthcare BMY :slight_smile: Both of them are preparing for winter. Are both of them senile? Is Spring soon.

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WB buys mostly established healthcare stocks like MRK, BMY and ABBV all dividend payers at its lower end price. These has lower risk compared to Cathie’s pick. He is passive like you.

Cathie buys newer technology, non dividend, yet to establish growth stocks like CRSP, EDIT and TWST. Cathie is active traders and has high risk stocks which can go for wild swings as her stocks are not established and may have negative earnings!

Their strategies are entirely different !

She has been selling all these three. In fact, almost clear of EDIT. And buy BMY, NVS, TAK,… dividend paying stocks. She is going defensive as if she is WB.

I sold my TWST@$170 for a puny profit. Now trading at $150!

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Both CRSP and TWST is following wave4 of EW (I guess). They corrected almost 50% of last growth wave so far. Since market volatility may continue few days, just keep watching with 1 share each !

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Buffet is getting old.

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What is the lesson here? Despite the tons of experience and deep knowledge of a subject, when you’re old, you are not as good as a younger person who has less experience and not as deep knowledge. Applicability? SV practice of employing young people is correct.

Buffett train derailment. look run down containers.

BNSF train derails near Ludlow - VVNG.com - Victor Valley News Group

Yet another panic sell… sold at the lowest price possible… WB should hand over the reins.

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Is what I believe too :slight_smile: Is more critical to research on CEO than to do FA on the financial performance.

I agree with JC that we should just let the young investors find their ways. Stop patronizing them.

Let them all loose massive amounts of money. The hard way is the only way to learn.

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“An excerpt appeared in Value Investor Insight. Savor this:
Imagine if a friend had introduced you to Warren Buffett in 1972 and told you, “I’ve made a fortune investing with this Buffett guy over the past ten years, you must invest with him.” So you check out Warren Buffett and find that his investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway, had indeed been an outstanding performer, rising from about $8 in 1962 to $80 at the end of 1972. Impressed, you bought the stock at $80 on December 31, 1972. Three years later, on December 31, 1975, it was $38, a 53% drop over a period in which the S&P 500 was down only 14%. You might have dumped it in disgust at that point and never spoken to that friend again. Yet over the next year it rose from $38 to $94. By December 31, 1982 it was $775 and on its way to $223,615 today—a compounded annual return of 20.8% over the past 42 years.”

Excerpt From: Christopher W. Mayer. “100 Baggers.” Apple Books. ‎100 Baggers on Apple Books

Have you found any 100 baggers yet?


AAPL is nearly a 700 bagger.

The new ones are:

$100k in U
$100k in PLTR

Put inside a coffee can for at least 15+ years. No trading. No hedging.

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Have no feeling on PLTR. I agree with Beth. PLTR is too reliant on government contracts and therefore the culture and the org structure can’t compete in normal B2B sales. I have some U but it doesn’t give me a 100 bagger vibe. Hope I am wrong.

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AAPL :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:
MSFT :-1:
HD :man_shrugging:

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Own them all

Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 10.29.57 AM

WB is in semi-retirement. Wealth preservation is more important than wealth growth. S&P index + dividend paying stocks like AAPL are ideal :+1: Some growth is :slight_smile: and good growth is :money_mouth_face: