Was The Ghost Ship Tragedy Inevitable?

When you combine high housing costs with NIMBY policies, isn’t the tragedy at Ghost Ship not surprising? I wonder what our own SF Bored of Stupidvisors take would/will be? Didn’t it stop a owner from CORRECTING an illegal residential use of a commercial building in the mid Market area awhile ago???

The whole housing mess was government’s creation. .I have been investing in Oakland since 1978…Better policies than SF…but the same old shit when it comes to the nightmares on approvals…I invest with Madison Park Properties. …They have been converting industrial and commercial spaces like the old Sears store into live work lofts…It is expensive and time consuming. .Better to go in and level block after block of these old warehouses and build 20 story apartment blocks…Politics won’t let it happen…

Since SF forbid landlords to evict tenants from illegal units, SF government and lawmakers should be under criminal investigation since it puts people’s life under risk.

Oakland government should evict all the artists and tenants from the illegal units. It’s a criminal act to allow people living or partying in illegal space.

Yeah, I mean, at what point does common sense make sense??? Of course, in the midst of this tragedy you see reports of artists (presumably) still insisting that places like Ghost Ship should remain. Wow, ok…

Homeless people don’t want to leave their hovels either…People are not good at assessing their risks…Afterall this building had been occupied for years illegally. .The landlord and the city didn’t seem to care or make any effort to remedy or evict…If state eviction laws were more sane, tenants wouldn’t be able to take over a building and run it without any rules…I bet the victims families sue the cty and the landlord…

The master tenant has the most liability. Doc it’s not only illegal, the illegal building was dangerous and did not install smoke detectors.

I would expect this national headline to have some regulation impact. Maybe they will allow evictions from illegal buildings? Or better yet, city can hire police to get the occupants out of the illegal residence before neighbor or landlord complains.

Wow, you mean common sense federal legislation that our own pathetic leaders in SF would actually have to follow? I am not holding my breath on that… (see marijuana and sanctuary city BS)

Maybe after this fire, there will be a min-Trump next year to run for offices in SF and Oakland. And because of the fire, some people would support a mini-Trump to replace those stupid/life threatening local regulations.

Pretty ironic that liberals are now advocating States Rights after years of bullying conservatives over the issue…


SF is really sick. It really needs a bold leader, bolder than Trump.

It really needs a leader who is not afraid of attacks from all sides.

Let’s be honest, Ed Lee was fine at the beginning (considered The Wonder Boy remember? in turning the City around) yet at the end reduced to nothing but attacked for everything wrong about the city. Please. Too many freaking liberals who think funds for city services grow on trees. Too many renters so we will always get someone probably less than ideal to steer the Fab 7x7…

SF is great. They put special paint on the walls so when the homeless pee on them, it’ll deflect back onto them. I’m not kidding. Apparently the amount of urinating, puking, and pooping on the streets is worse than ever. Sounds like it’s a fab porta-pottie :slight_smile:

Agreed, it is pathetic. Whose bright idea was it to give the homeless tents for crying out loud? Didn’t it cross your mind that yeah they are going to pitch them on every freaking sidewalk?.. idiots

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Fortunately the stupidest supervisors are becoming historic relic now. Campos and Avalos will be history in January. Kim is defeated and hope she will become history soon.

We really need a candidate who is not a professional politician. Professional politicians have lost the common sense since they do not need to make a living for too long.

That tent measure passed, right? How come I am still seeing tents?? :imp:

Probably doesn’t come into effect until next month, maybe??? Come on, is something really gonna happen???

Well, the law is the law right? Right? RiGHTTTTT???

[Hoping against hope]

The more laws we have, the more problematic our life will become. That’s the blue life, no exception.

When we have so many laws, even the judge and lawyer are confused. Regular citizens will live under confusion and intimidation, but no time and no ability to learn the numerous laws.

Th poor does not care of breaking laws since their pocket is not afraid any judgement. For the homeless, jail could be more comfortable.

The rich will have money to pay lawyers.

The middle class will be under numerous regulations and will lose the path of upward mobility.


I heard an interview with a survivor in KCBS who indicated that there were, in fact, multiple smoke detectors as well as fire extinguishers.
Also heard some clown KCBS interviewed blame it on the community not buying enough art, thus forcing artists into substandard housing. Life in a liberal zoo. More housing, which this goofball said we didn’t really need, would not only lower the cost but give people new places to furnish - thus creating demand for some new art.
In any case stoned artists equal lots of ignition sources and lots of flammable materials. Heard it might have been caused by a refrigerator. Hard to imagine unless someone was a total slob and never cleaned behind it.

I also saw some video of the inside and there looked like some illegal electrical wiring all over the place. With so many people all cramped up in there, and then chaos happening once flames started well the folks on the second floor had no chance.