Washington Manor San Leandro

I recall reading on a Chinese real estate magazine that Washington Manor is turning increasingly Asian? Is that true?

Houses are still pretty affordable by Bay Area standard. Take this house for example:


3/1/1100 asking for 540K. PITI is $2800 and rent estimate $2700. Cashflow neutral. Schools are not good with rating at 5 only.

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San Leandro as a whole has been increasingly Chinese and Asian. Lots of blue collar Asians live here. Safer than Oakland, cheaper than CV. Manor area is pretty nice and lots of Asians. Nearby Washington Manor Park is great as well. Plenty of people BBQing and playing on the weekends. There are a few large Chinese grocery market in SL as well. No need to even go to Chinatown, Oakland.

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Now that you mentioned it a Chinese truck driver I know lives in SL. Recently a relative asked me where to buy investment properties in prime Bay Area. I said San Leandro. Entry price is low, and it’s the only place where SFH’s can be cash flow neutral with 20% down.

Still this has become Redfin Hot home, looks like this has attracted people !

So, are schools improving in that area? Is it gentrifying?

I do not know as I do not focus Hayward, San Leandro, Oakland areas…

Honestly I don’t know how Redfin determines which house qualifies as a hot home. I recently tried to test the waters and placed a random bid on a “hot home”. While my bid didn’t get accepted (as expected), my agent told me that hot home only had three offers total. Go figure.

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Not sure, but I wouldn’t bank on it. I know a few people who live in that area and they plan to move to better school districts when their kids reach elementary school age.

Even I do not know how the redfin determines hot home, but I understand it means multiple offer, seller has some choice to decide. Whatever Redfin hot property offers I placed a buy bid, I lost it so far ! Nowadays, I stopped bidding all RedFin hot property (started believing redfin algorithm) !

Not Washington Manor, but in the Hills of San Leandro. From a lot to this…pretty nice!

That’s practically Castro Valley. A different price tier.

Sold for 855k…

How much do you think it cost to build?

Yeah, I don’t have a good feel as to what something like this would cost. I would be strictly guessing. Maybe some of the others here like @ptiemann or @Elt1 can chime in.

Ok, maybe this part of San Leandro…

Oh that looks nice :slight_smile: Not sure of the neighborhood.

Whoever buys that must be on drugs…over $1M for San Leandro AND steps away from the airport?? No thanks…

San Leandro is a nice town…Waterfront is unique, irreplaceable. …Even though it is mudflats twice a day…Alameda is preferable. .But the waterside part of San Leandro is worht a look… $1.2m doesn’t buy much anymore, even in The Oakland Hills