We Are in Bear Market


… for small caps.




I actually don’t understand what they mean by “average”. Seems they don’t weigh companies by their market caps?


I think you’re right.


Dow logs 830-point loss and suffers worst day in 8 months; Nasdaq sees ugliest day in more than 2 years - MarketWatch


Nasdaq down 4% today. Seems it can drop another 10%.

Someone is manipulating the market. Where will the money go? Selling stocks to buy bond?

Might be a good idea to sell stocks and buy houses


Bonds are down too. It seems people are raising cash. Cash is a loser bet if people are worried about inflation increasing.


A good place to be temporarily if you are unsure which is the right asset to be in. One should not be afraid to hold cash :moneybag::stuck_out_tongue:


The bond market is much, much larger than the stock market. People can flee stocks and plow the proceeds into bonds and still the bond market can fall.


I think you are saying correct.


S&P 500 drops below key level watched by traders, signifying the bull market could be broken - CNBC


Bear market is 20% off the peak. About 4000 points to go before we reach that level. About 1000 points lower before we are officially in a correction.


“Here again, though, this is a reason to pay attention but not to panic. The market broke through the trend line several times on a daily basis earlier this year and in 2016, only to bounce back up,” McMillan added.

So if we bounce back above over the next few days, traders would be less concerned.

Your point is? If confirmed bear market then sell all positions? I think manch is finding validation for his decision to close all position.


My point is the numbers seem so scary only because the market has run up so much.


I have been trimming but have not closed all positions. I will soon be left with only FB and AMZN.


Less is more. Try to get some AAPLs via short puts :shushing_face: pity not to have a paymaster who pay you annual increments of 10-15%.


As usual I am posting this late…


Nflx will save the market for days


The fall in homebuilders is spectacular:


Mortgage rate has killed housing market. Stock market is going to be killed next if not already