We are reaching $1 Trillion deficit. Great!


I think we are in the $1 Trillion mark now.

More tax cuts please!


More troubles for Bezos.


And for those investing in the stock market. :smiley:

Not me!:rofl:


What about RE? I’m waiting to buy.


Not my forte.

You know more than me.


Yawn. Social security and Medicare are funded by payroll taxes not income taxes. Payroll taxes weren’t cut. If anything, as labor force participation increases the amount of payroll taxes collected is increasing. That improves the situation.

If anyone else actually believes tax cuts are the problem, then I can post the data that shows:

  1. Tax revenue increases in the years following tax cuts
  2. Spending on entitlements as a percent of GDP has skyrocketed since the 1950’s
  3. Military spending is lower as a percent of GDP than it was on the 1950’s


This forum is turning itself into a bunch of PC personalities. The same personality they say they hated. That’s a big LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The tax cuts, by the way, will help push the federal deficit over $1 trillion next year, according to the CBO, which makes clear that they won’t pay for themselves. On Sunday, also in the Washington Post, a group of Democratic economic advisors called foul on the Hooverites’ claim that benefits for the middle class and working class swamp the economy, but tax cuts for the rich are just what the doctor ordered.

“The tax cuts passed last year actually added an amount to America’s long-run fiscal challenge that is roughly the same size as the preexisting shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare,” wrote Martin Neil Baily, Jason Furman, Alan B. Krueger, Laura D’Andrea Tyson and Janet L. Yellen. "It is dishonest to single out entitlements for blame….The primary reason the deficit in coming years will now be higher than had been expected is the reduction in tax revenue from last year’s tax cuts, not an increase in spending."



I thought the PC liberals were gone? :smiley::smiley::smiley: