We Don't Talk Much About Burlingame

Why is that? Nice, pricey homes are there. Are the schools just ok so you snobs don’t like it?

I was hired by Webcor in 1985 to work on a hotel project on that site…The developer couldn’t get the funding…Amazing 32 years later and maybe something will be built…Welcome to the world of development in the BA…Millions of dollars and thousands of hours spent by cities to make development not happen…That site would be great for high end residential. .But Burlingame insisted on a hotel, which was never financially viable, to get more revenue for the city…it is all about greed, not about the interests of the citzens of Burlingame, whose childern will never be able to afford to live there…


Government thought itself as a genius and has got everything figured out so has the ability and authority to dictate what to build. Or just play dumb and try to make the housing price high

You should be very happy, the actual government may help you to end the cap on rents and whatnot.

But first, you have to ask the child in the white house to stop using the little bird to cry over anything not important to the country but to his kids.

At 1.7M, kinda cheap for Burlingame no???


Busy street

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