We Flipped a House. It Was a Total Nightmare

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“I got some cute shorts and a baseball cap like in the shows, and we started to bash.”

Big red flag right there.

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Shoot, actually I may have an itch for a project in good old 2019…

Too early to say (need to crunch numbers), but I may be back in Oakland with you @manch and @caiguycaiguy

The biggest mistake the couple made was before any work started. If the project only penciled out with them working the hammers, it’s a bad project to begin with. They were essentially just working a second, low paying manual job, and suck at it.

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Flip or buy and hold?

THey should keep going. lol they got experience now. Learn from their mistakes.

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I’d have hired someone else to do the demo–keep working the law jobs, then go in and do the fixit. Creating is way more fun than demoing to me.

But in all honesty, the fact that she thought shorts was something you wear to demolish shows a lot of ignorance. You would not see me in there in anything less a jumpsuit or full hazard suit, goggles, and a respirator.

I hope she doesn’t regret what she did in the long run. Lung cancer could be in her future.

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Also, I think after she’s recovered, they’ll probably redo their own house.

When you don’t even know how to grab a brush, you are asking what type of paint on a wall or on wood or whatever, get out of the kitchen!

This is not as pathetic as a real flipper doing horrible things.

This guy was filling up this huge hole in a former church, for some reasons they had a huge hole there. The cement guy told him that he needed 3 cubic feet or so as an example. No, I know it’s 2-1/2 he said.

Contractor told him “you better order 3 so you can return the rest or do something with it”.

Later, we were scrambling to go to Home Cheapo to mix the 1/2 we needed to finish the project. He spent in labor and overtime the double what the cement truck costed him. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Then, making me paint the wood parts for 2 balconies, both with different colors. He forgot to check, they installed them on different buildings, wrong color. :laughing::laughing:

Go ahead!

Ok, Oakland fixer is too rich for my blood. Seller wants too much for what it is. Oh well, wifey will be happy to stay away from Oaktown…