We have too much crap

Sell your soul to FB?

MarkZ already owns your soul. And he didn’t pay a single dime…


My mom became a harder and everything was of equal value to her. Her 20 year old tupperware couldn’t be donated. No one could appreciate it aside from family. LOL I learned to take everything she offered. The first couple of years I boxed it up and stored it in the garage. She never once asked about anything she gave me. Then I donated it all. When she gave me something that I didn’t want I stopped by a thrift store on the way home. The kids were instructed to accept anything she offered them and say thank you. We did sell a few things back then.

After her death I sold the gold jewelry (gold was high) and kept a few sentimental pieces. I still have several sets of silver flatware to deal with. It’s a burden. Really how many regular people have the space for china, silver and crystal table service items along side of their day to day stuff?

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No way… That’s why we’re not having this conversation on FB.

Nineteenth century treasures like silver flatware and crystal have little value in the 21st century, where space is the most precious thing…even dinning rooms are becoming obsolete along with fireplaces, living rooms and other nineteenth century necessities

Space is only tight in the BA and NYC. Even in parts of Boston, a house has 3 stories and 2K square feet at half the price of BA. Your choice to rent out a floor or not. Mid-west has plenty of space.

I’m not particularly fond of real silver flatware, but there are definitely some entertaining items that I would gladly have. I have a display case intended for that kind of stuff-china, silverware, etc. I think personally, I would collect interesting tea pots and cups/saucers, and host tea parties, but I can see people wanting real silver ware. I think my inlaws use it for Christmas.

I think collecting can be a fun and interesting hobby until it takes over your life.

Some people are collectors and others aren’t. Some collectors have homes, barns, and garages filled to the rafters with their collections. Often it rots. See it on tv shows and in person.

I have collector friends that I can’t go to their homes without feeling claustrophobic. Too much in too little space.

Some organization person said if you buy a new shirt you have to get rid of one. I don’t adhere perfectly to that. While I have the most amazing closet with an office and sewing center I do not have unlimited space and have to make choices.

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Speaking of obsolete spaces, I think today a work/study is an absolute necessity, than having both a formal living and a family place.

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Study can just be another bedroom…not a big deal…but turning a living room into a study can ruin the house flow

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I’ve always wanted an old-style library with the wall-to-wall books and overstuffed arm chair :slight_smile:

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Probably true.

However, do we need both formal living & family room today where space is so expensive? Maybe important for people who entertain a lot? But for others?

You know, I would love to agree with you & that picture is great… :).

…However, all my books nowadays are on my iPad :slight_smile:. Thumbs up on the arm chair though!

Absolutely YES!!!

Family room = playroom and Legos.
Living room = couches for adults to sit on.

Where you decide to park the TV is up to you. Ours is in the Living room.

Also, a closable family room or living room can double as a guest room.

might as well live in a studio.

Working from home is great if the “door” can be shut. Virtually or real. Looking at work in the living room/dining room/bedroom gives me guilt.

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I put double doors off the entry hallway into the living room in a rental…can be a bedroom, living, office, playroom…whatever a future tenant needs


We don’t have a garage which I hate because I have a lot of tools / am into home improvement projects but at least it’s prevented us from accumulating tons of crap we don’t need.

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Yeah, definitely a garage is a must for anyone doing some woodworking. There’s just an ick factor with using your circ saw to cut wood in a living space. Even if there’s not carpeting, the sawdust gets everywhere.

If you have space in the backyard, a (large) shed is probably better for doing woodworking than in the garage. When sawdust gets everywhere in the garage it’s no fun either.

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Here you go, pack rats…

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