We May Blame Oregon One Day

for various new rent legislation ideas that get picked up down here…

No one cared when the shale boom made home prices and rents in N Dakota explode. I wonder why that is?

They could always do something really radical. Don’t allow companies to build more office or retail space that creates jobs until more housing is built to accommodate the workers.

Same as in the bay area, right?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It will no doubt spread to CA. The NIMBY home owners are the biggest enemy of us landlords. By choking off housing supplies the pitchforks are going to show up at our doors. I know it’s unfair, but what can we do?

This trend has me very worried. I need to plan for my exit from the rental market. It’s going to get worse. Way worse. :frowning2:

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Go to East Lake and make them a deal that they can’t refuse. I will personally provide you with a very favorable Yelp review to start you off on the right foot…:slight_smile:

God, we owners will survive. We’ve managed to do it for eons already, why not a little bit longer???

Nimbyism has been around for ages so is not the main reason for current situation. Current situation is a consequence of “Home construction since the Great Recession has lagged far behind demand.”

Guess many more are thinking the same. Will you be early or is the crowd?

To be fair, I am entertaining the 1031 Exchange idea again only because it may be on the cutting floor and I would hate to lose out on an opportunity to cut my gain some. We have no kids so doing the strategy shouldn’t be hard for us. It just takes time.

Portland has lead in its drinking water…What will the furry footed environmental wack jobs in Portandia do…What if it becomes the next Flint, Mi.?