We May Need To Start Talking About Central Valley Housing

at least for your kids… we probably won’t see this train service for awhile

Me think BART will need more janitors with the extension to Livermore. Opportunity knocks!! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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Will they have secret rooms where the janitors meet every 2 hours?

Will the salary will be compared or better than a high techie?

Lots of overtime?

Hire them!

Can someone come up with a coherent plan? Wasn’t that supposed to be the HSR? ACE and BART are way too slow for that long of distance.

The gas tax bill has $1B of pork spending in it. They had to add it to buy enough votes for it to pass. That gas tax is going to hit lower income people the hardest.

Gee! I have been saying it for long time, these idiots, no other explanation, in the tech industry should see that when they pushed a new mothership down our throats impacting traffic and any resources they are not helping us nor helping themselves.

Amazon is one of the good guys listening. They are or opened a warehouse somewhere, I told you so not long ago, and the construction of new homes is booming over there.

I really can’t find words to explain it but calling them idiots. By putting us to live like sardines they are not helping others but the real estate speculators. Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean landlords…:smiley:

Now, did you get my advice or hidden suggestion hidden within my opinion? Oh boy…you didn’t? :roll_eyes:

Ptiemann is the only one getting it, I think.

You want to bet against the guys running the big tech companies? You think they don’t know the cost of doing business is lower elsewhere? They have satellite offices all over the place, the data exists.

10K dollar donation is quite generous of such a forward looking company.

Automated conveyor systems are not yet operational, but Amazon still took steps to make sure it has future workers by donating $10,000 to the Natomas School District for its science, technology and engineering students.

Sacramento’s housing market appreciation would be higher by now if the dumbsters would have thought about it what? 5 years ago?

That mother ship from Apple would be good if it were built in that area. Housing projects would be booming.

Sure, but no one really likes Sacramento. Too hot in the Summer, suburban sprawl, no night life. Where are the geeks gonna spend their hard earned money???

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Sacramento downtown is now hip…plenty of restaurants and nightlife…Besides you actually want to walk around at night, unlike freezing SF…Sacramento evenings are balmy and pleasant. …I invested in Sacramento in 1999…Best IRR I ever made…Most people spend the hot days in airconditoned offices…And then can stroll at night in 75 degree weather…Unlike in SF…who wants to walk around at night in 55 degree freezing windy foggy weather…Not to mention waterskiing on the river and snow skiing 1.5 hrs away…Day trips very doable…Sacramento growth is projected at over 8%…One of the best places to invest in the country


Geeks? Those cheap people only thinking about saving to pay for a house. Get out of here!..:smile:

I believe the wild fires will put some attention on areas not yet touched by the divine fingers of the RE speculators.

Not long ago, somebody here kind of berated me when I said that in order to succeed you need to be a visionary, to think ahead of the sheeple mentality.

Same people who discriminated, really, discriminated against ESJ are the same ones failing to see other places not because of the infamous crime, but for the futuristic believe that everything is changing for the good.

I once, worked with this pair of Indians at this shop called Divar in San Carlos. Very smart guys, knowing anything and everything about machines. They would bring their lunch with them every day. We, bunch of Mexicans and all sorts of races and nationalities were fed up with the smell of curry. We loved each other, no insults, just pure joking about their long hair, the way we all spoke English, me a wet back, the joke was on all of us. But we told them we hated that smell and we couldn’t wait for them to buy their lunch as we did going out during lunch time. One of us would volunteer to go out and buy our menus.

One day, one of them is so stressed, we find out he forgot his lunch! Jesus! It was a spectacle worth of Ripley. So, it was my turn to go out and buy whatever the other 8 guys wanted in one specific place. The guy, all shaking by the incident gave me $5 for lunch and begged me to bring the most cash back. It was my revenge, lol.

The guy almost had a heart attack when I returned with $0.24 change. This is in 1994. We were laughing at the spectacle of a guy almost crying for that money. But, I didn’t laugh the day he told me he had saved $50K by bringing lunch, or dinner from home every day for several years.

Lesson learned that day let me tell ya!:innocent:

Always remember: different strokes for different folks

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Yes, indeed, just mumbling my daily dose of BS :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: