We Need To Fix The Current Voting Process

How could it remotely be fair and impartial if CNN and all the major networks are reporting results or projections from back East when we in the West are still open for several more hours? There should NOT be any reporting whatsoever until ALL polls close!!!

That’s an issue with the media. If that’s your biggest issue with the media, then I’m not sure what to say.

Stop watching CNN and the mainstream media. They are not the news we used to know, they are propaganda mind machine.

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Simple close Ca polls at 4. NY at 7pm

But that is unfair, some people don’t get off work until say 5pm and then they have to drive home to their polling place. My idea of a dead day, where you can vote from 9-5 in your time zone and there is no reporting of poll results until all closed is a better idea. No one is going to feel left out or feel that oh their vote is not going to matter. That is why we get into this mess in the first place, and I am referring more to just low voter turnout. Yes, I want the elimination of the electoral college and the going to a true “let’s tally up the votes” system…

Easy. Everybody votes by mail with postage fully paid for. Voting in person is barbaric.

The real question is will Democrats shoot themselves in the foot and make Pelosi speaker again?

Yes they will. Trump in 2020

The Dems have no one to defeat him

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