Wealth Migrate: Making Global RE Investing Accessible


Somehoe i cannot find links to actual listings. Which one is a real bargain?running airbnb would be nice abroad and it has tax benefits too.

One guy on a podcast said Barcelona condos are a steal. You can get short term rental license and return is great.



It’s a podcast. You’d have to listen to it.

Airbnb is having a backlash worldwide. Tahoe gets one tenth the tourists of Barcelona and has a VHR ban on the ballot
My old fart friends are all anti tourist. Ironic because they are all former tourists. Very few were born here.

But after visiting Venice last year I see the devastation that tourists bring. They turn real cities into hollowed out tourist traps with bad food and surly waiters.

Makes me want to travel less. I have no interest in going to Barcelona or any other crowded city that does not want me.
I love traveling to Mexico they really appreciate tourists and their hospitality is legend.
I won’t go to Hawaii anymore. Their anti tourist attitude ruins it.