Welcome Home, Golden State Warriors!

Let’s hope the Warriors will still be good in 2 years…

Well, players get old rather quickly and the new young guns out there on other teams are quite good. What is really needed is a reallocation of the league teams. The West is just too good, from top to bottom pretty much. If we can’t do that, I would advocate for a re-seeding of the playoff teams (based on reg season record and head to head records). What is promising about Lacob is that he likes to win, so he is going to be in the hunt for the talent that is needed always. Luck certainly plays a part in it too, so hopefully we pull another Draymond Green or two out of the draft…

Glory and $ go combined when it comes to sports. Once the contracts between a player and his club is ending, they better be good players or they will be not even on the bench, and if they are as good as they always be, the $ from other basketball teams will be a temptation hard to dismiss.

But, still, GSW are kicking arse!

Klay says he’s willing to take a cut to stay with the team. Let’s hope that stays true when the time actually comes. Not sure if KD will take another cut, but he says he loves playing here as well. We’re going to need some young talent on our bench soon…Iguodala, Livingston, and West seem like they’re on their last legs. I was hoping McCaw would improve a little bit more from last year.

Damn it, this impacts our home values!!!:grinning:

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At the intersection of sports and RE:

Makes sense. Own the development around your fancy arena and profit from the changes. Think big.

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Our owners are as savvy as any, if not the ones leading the pack. My understanding is that Chase Center is fully or mostly privately funded and will generate income in the off-season via concerts or conventions alike.

Warriors Make $2 Billion From New Arena Even Before Doors Open


Time to switch to :soccer: . Go Reds!!!

Soccer was invented in China :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Warriors used to play at the Cow Palace. Oakland was just a temporary home.