Welcome To The Socialist Republic of California

Mao jackets will also be provided to each person…

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Is there really a lack of shelter beds? In Seattle, they found less than 50% of shelter beds were used. Many homeless didn’t want to abide by shelter rules, so they choose to sleep outside. They changed the funding to require shelters to have 90% bed usage to get funding. Suddenly, the shelters were 90% full despite reports of lots of empty beds. If they have empty beds, they just sign in someone who’s visited before to make the place appear full. That way they get their funding.

Maybe we will make it mandatory, that no one can live on the streets in a tent, etc going forward now that shelters are being provided. No more poo, no more needles. Dream on, SFDB…

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Yes, make that mandatory.

I don’t see why guaranteeing a bed for every citizen is “socialist”. That term is thrown around without much thought.

Every child is guaranteed a spot in public school. Is that socialist? How about guaranteeing a hospital bed for every patient?

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Oh no!
Twhitler, is that you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guys, I am going to pick up my daughter right now. Quick! It is cold out there, and on my way to the school, this guy is there, abandoned, his chit is taken away every week, he goes to retrieve anything from the garbage and recycle bins.

He is a human being, but because he is a little bit looney he can’t get the help he needs. At least a shelter for the cold night would be a priority. Anything else, there is Master Card.

Socialist, Communist, close enough… It is certainly not the the ideal capitalist nirvana that we hope and pray for…

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We had that ideal capitalist nirvana back in Charles Dickens’ days. Turned out it wasn’t very pleasant.