Well, I Suggest You Behave And Cut The Noise!

Is this so bad???


What do you expect from attorneys who argue

"The people of color are more likely to have a criminal conviction and so having housing policies that deny housing for someone with a criminal conviction is racial discrimination”

People act like that’s become of unequal law enforcement. It’s such a BS argument. I need to find the article where a police chief was accused of bias in assigning more patrols to minority neighborhoods. He showed patrols are assigned based on 911 call volume. It’s literally a computer which is race blind deciding which areas get the most patrols. That way they can best respond to calls. That’s how most departments do it.

Very simple. Only buy rentals in high end neighborhoods. Only white people will be able to rent in such neighborhoods. You don’t even need to discriminate.

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That would be ideal (to buy only in high end areas) but then your buy-in or cash flow may not be as sweet as say buying in the fringe/marginal areas. Risk/reward thing again…

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