Well, Wedding Cake For Everyone, Or Not?

This is an interesting case before our lovely Supreme Court. Which way is it going to go? Does the Christian baker have a right to turn away a gay couple?

I guess another CA case just happened…

I believe businesses have the right to pick and choose their customers.

But I also believe it comes at a price for both the public and the business doing that. Next case will be somebody not serving a Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese or Hispanic.

Don’t let evil run amok.

The guy didn’t say he wouldn’t make the cake. He wouldn’t decorate it with the gay couple topper due to his religious beliefs. That’s why the case is being blown WAY our of proportion. Just put the little ornament thing on the top yourself. Our courts should have far more important stuff than whether or not someone will put an ornament on a cake.

So what about this bakery ??

Ohhh…the snowflakes. :smile::smile::smile::smile:

That’s how they want to fight ISIS? :wink::smile::smile::smile: