What a nice lot in premium location!

This Campbell location is good as schools are related to Los Gatos area.
Very large lot is too good for builders as they can get good return.

Building is in original condition.

Note the property tax is (2014) $1417 !


For primary owners, to beat the rent, they need to buy, remodel and live.
You can either sell it later for better price or build your own mansion when you have money.

Price is listed to attract buyers.

Are you still looking for a house for your son, @Jil?

No, he refused to buy one at least next 12 months. He wanted to settle his likable job/company and then he said consider buying.

However, I look at redfin often to find good deals. Since this forum has lot of members interested in property deals, just posting good deals, whatever places I visited in the past.