What are issues buying near by oil field/rigs equipment?

@Elt1 & other experienced,

As title says do we have some prolonged issues buying home near by oil rigs? In long beach, my relative is looking for a home, not immediately.

The location is signal hill, a small mountain, but has 125 or more oil rigs in that city. Every street has two or three rigs - next to next with businesses, homes etc. Most of them will be closed soon.

In addition, the actual hill has some oil spill over long time before and they stopped the oil rigs (dormant rigs) and built homes.

The location is nice & hilly with great views. Just look at this home 2217-Westwind-Way-90755

Do we have any major issue or health issues or any other issues?

Aren’t you worried about sea level rise floating all that oil into the streets?

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It is very unlikely. This hill is 150 feet above sea level and appx 3 miles front m seashore.

All the oil wells are closed over the hills. Now, wells at ground level ( just above sea level ) are only operational.

Many of my friends in the Long Beach area got cancer. I think all that oil makes for an unhealthy environment… I wouldn’t live there.

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Depends on one’s age. Toxins to cancer takes years or decades. If you haven’t got decades and the land is cheap and the view is nice go for it.

I love salmon. I’ve stopped worrying about mercury consumption :slight_smile:

According to the state of CA, nearly everything causes cancer. Seen it posted on elevators, food, buildings, etc.


Orange County in the 1920s was full of oil derricks.

The ocean water in SoCal still has an oily smell when you break the surface coming out of the water. Old people get the most cancers. But why risk it. People of other beach front property, especially including pristine Lake Tahoe. Would you want to live at an abandoned gas station…. That’s Orange County. I kept my boat for a couple of years in Huntington Harbor. We would boat all over. There are still man made islands in Long Beach pumping oil.

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I got this link, it says the same, not live near by oil fields.