What Brexit Means for the US Housing Market?

Went to a few open houses, only a couple of parties, used to be more than 10. Buyers are definitely hesitating, but is this a pause before the jump or sense’s start of a down.

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The talk of a down market has got me really excited… :slight_smile: Are we talking about 10%? 20%?

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Prices have really jumped up to the point that one should prudently ask whether there is any more upside in the short term or even that a fall is imminent. If I were buying my first primary house that would be one thing (you have to live somewhere instead of wasting money on rent) but that not the case. I can wait. Something always comes up. Cash and loan approval ready to go at a moment’s notice just in case.

Good advice. Singapore’s RE has softened quite a bit for like more than a year but not enough for government to remove the ABSD - if you want to buy Singapore RE, has to wait for the government to remove the ABSD which is meant to be temporary… to stop the insane climb. Sorry, what I meant is SFBA could have peaked too. Normally, RE worldwide seems to in sync or slightly off sync.

I don’t think it is Brexit but rather what caused Brexit ==> global economic slowdown

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I don’t care much for Britain except for the city of London. For what I care Britain is just some mostly useless landmass around London. London is a fierce competitor to us. So if the contagion can be contained, I suspect we will benefit as we are removing a strong competitor.

Wealthy Chinese, Russians and Arabs are buying a lot of RE in London. The uncertainty is causing a lot of people to pause. If they shift their firepower to US? Oh boy…


Indians are not rich? Btw, these guys go for urbanized (aka tall buildings) such as NYC, or large mansions with many acres of land. Don’t see much in SV.

Indians don’t seem to be among the London stereotypes. I am sure there are lots of rich Indians in London, as this list shows

Global depression has been predicted for years. Brexit is a backlash to globalization that have been driving global economy for the last few decades. While as an aggregate we win but those who can’t keep pace (usually old blue-collar guys) suffer. In Singapore, the ruling PAP lost many Parliamentary seats (something like Congress representatives) to opposition… anti-foreigners anti-immigration anti-FT sentiments run high.


Hey, don’t we have lots of luxury condos coming to market in San Francisco?? Good timing! :smile:

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We can jointly bid for the penthouses.

If the world becomes anti-globalization it’s bad for US tech companies and employees. A major reason tech salaries are so high is the products are sold around the world. A majority of revenues are now from outside the US. If the non-US revenue shrinks due to trade restrictions or tariffs, then it’ll mean less tech jobs in the US and lower pay.

The average American without a degree wants globalization to end. They view it as a reason for the job loss, stagnant wages, increase in CEO pay, etc. Those things represent all the evils in their world. It’s why Trump and Sanders were so popular. They have different solutions, but they indentify the same problem. That problem resonates with a majority of Americans.

Here in the valley we are mostly highly educated people in the top 10% or higher in income. Globalization is great for our high skills which are in demand. There may be a much smaller market for out skills if globalization ends or is significantly reduced.

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There’s a difference between global politically and global economically and global trade. Being under the control of far away bureaucrats is not always best for local economy.


Uh, English please for us pathetic chinese school drop-outs who quit to concentrate on English school in America…

Means dangerous situation in Chinese. The first word mean danger. The second word mean opportunity. So, for wise guys like you, should be able to find opportunities in this dangerous Brexit.

No, me a slacker…