What, Formal Dining Rooms Making A Comeback?

Come on, I took down the walls nearly 15 years ago…


I don’t see them making a big comeback. It’s just not a trend people care about. They want open space not a room you use for holiday dinners.

Mine still standing up.

There’s nothing like having a dinner with your family. If that ever happens. :rofl:

I am really pleased. I love separate rooms. In my opinion there is too much noise created in the kitchen (fridge buzzing, dishwasher going etc) and it’s a shame the combined kitchen/dining/living room thing is in vogue. A dining room room that is at least partially walled off is much more peaceful.

When i go to openhouses, formal dining rooms always feel small and depressing. Openspace seems to me as the way to go

Who actually has dinner parties anymore… Or even eats at the dining table with their kids… I thought everyone eats in front of the TV…
makes more sense to have an adjustable coffee table and convert the dining room to a bedroom… Most older apartments in SF have converted the dining room to a bedroom… Living rooms too.
In Russia my mother in laws flat just had three bedrooms, a kitchen and bath in 900sf… No dining room or living room
Built in Stalin’s era… Originally designed for two families.
Thanks to the commies that run SF, Stalinist design is coming back.

What? I just had one for Thanksgiving and it was another successful one since I found a turkey caterer that was definitely on point. Even my wife, the cook (but not an expert on American style dishes), said this was probably the best turkey she has had from anywhere. The open floor plan allows guests to migrate around and chat and munch off the tons of food on the huge counter peninsula that separates the kitchen from dining area.

I would agree with the comments that if the dining room is really small and cramped then that doesn’t really add much to the ambiance of a place. Taking down the dining room wall definitely added so much light to the home due to it being on a corner lot. There is a hint of wall/entrance separation from the living room so it is not completely open which I could see as a plus so that tv viewing in the living room is not distracted from any kitchen activity.

Me too but us old guys are an extreme minority. Been invited to a millienal dinner party?

Besides why have a room that is only used once or twice a year…

Don’t most of them still live with their parents?

Mine is very small, about 200 sqft.

I love to have walls, it makes the house very quiet since anything you do in the kitchen will resonate 10 times on the second floor. That’s the reason our RIP mother in law didn’t get along with me, she would gladly get up at midnight, open the microwave, and pop goes the weasel! We were awaken by what we thought was a gun going off.

I am thinking on adding a door to the entrance, nothing on it, I think they forgot to put the casing, those mother foxer flippers thinking about themselves.

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I have a former tenant who is a millienal makes $500k a year… Had a dinner party… Kind of serve your self, stand or sit randomly… Formal dinner parties are from my grandparents generation, when a maid was cooking in the kitchen… Open floor plans have been around since the fifties…

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