What Impossible Foods' meatless burger really tastes like

Impossible food is vastly superior to beyond. Just sell to beyond and let we shareholders profit. :smiling_imp:

The plants that make fake meat are just as vulnerable as meat packing plants. Even grocery stores are vulnerable. Our whole food supply network is vulnerable. Government needs to make sure it is stable and sustainable.


Beyond Meat :face_vomiting:

Someone is buying these beyond meat and impossible stuffs. Why? I don’t know.

Beyond meat costs more and tastes like crap. Can’t get it medium rare. Why would people facing poverty be attracted to it? Beans seem a lot more attractive. There have been shortages of beans, another cheap source of protein, in the stores. I can’t see an expensive vegan fashion statement as popular in desperate times

Actually you can. I got an Impossible burger before and they asked me how I’d like it cooked.

I figured you get fake meat to look red with lots of ketchup. I don’t get why people want to reinvent the hamburger. It is the bun and sugary ketchup that makes burgers unhealthy not the meat.

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Some people who do not eat red meat for various reasons love Beyond burgers.

For e.g. I have 3 dozen patties at home now(we are bulk shopping due to coronavirus + costco prices much cheaper than elsewhere). Courtesy my wife :slight_smile:

I think 50 years from now killing animals for meat will be seen as barbaric. It’s pretty random why we classify certain types of animals as food and some others as pets. Long term humans will all be eating fake meat.

Less and less variety of meats :sob:

No more bats and civet cats. Only chicken, duck, goose, pigs and cows.

There is a reason we domesticated cows pigs and chickens they taste better… the arrogance of the current generation makes me puke. The tradition of eating meat goes back one million years. Cuisines in all cultures use meat.It is part of who we are.

Another good pod.

Meat production is not a disaster for the environment. That is a vegan inspired urban myth. Cattle graze on non arable land. Grazing land is unsuitable for growing crops. Cattle and sheep are perfectly adapted to turn non productive land into protein. Crops are more destructive requiring waste quantities or water, herbicides, pesticides and earth moving equipment that strips the top soil. The dust bowl was caused by corn and wheat farmers not ranchers. One almond requires 1.1 gallons of water. 1900 gallons to produce a pound. Drinking cows milk is much more environmentally friendly.

To grow one almond requires 1.1 gallons of water , and to grow a pound takes 1,900 gal / lb[ 1 ]. … And because of the drought, the price per pound of almonds has gone way up to $6 a pound, as opposed to $2 a pound back in 2010 [2]. This gives farmers even more incentive to grow them, even with the water crisis going on.

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I don’t get it. What is healthy about eating a hamburger? Fake or real the bun and condiments make it high carb and refined sugar crap. Indian food is healthy and vegan. Why reinvent the hamburger?

A real meat burger with no cheese and a lettuce wrap is more healthy than fake meat bun burgers. Cheaper and better tasting to.
Can get it at In nOut Burger