What is an investment process..Simple example

Even I do not follow this process. Only Few follow this here. Sharing for the benefit of forum members

Well, to open the icy topic, anybody, no matter if investing or learning a skill will go through the learning process.

Though sbus20122 is a good commentator, the fact that he tells the other guy to not be buying individual stocks presume that he was born with the knowledge of the stock market from the day he was born.

On the other hand, your topic is too general but I assume you thought investing in the stock market. Investing doesn’t mean only the stock market. It could be a hard labor process, or spending time in a project, planting, or buying and selling things or homes.

I could be a better investor than anybody on this forum. Why? Because I can go the flea market, buy a $4 thing, and turn it into $50 in one single day. Or, as it happens with many things some people in some culture prefer, I can buy a $1 CD or cassette and sell it for $800.

How did I get there? By trial and error. And as the guy suggest to get educated about the subject, you don’t need books nor anybody telling you, but you learn on your own by mistakes and successes. I think this is how many if not the majority of the people start, succeed and fail. But, I wouldn’t berate anybody for trying.

Regarding the flea market that I visit once in a while, I can go back in time and visualize how many times something went by my fingers but I dropped it on the ground because I didn’t know I was holding a $200 thing for the price of $1 :rofl:

Now, what is true is that eventually, you need to be educated, not by others, but by yourself by attending seminars, classes, and/or experiencing triumph and defeat. What is needed on all of this activity is a very valuable word: Discipline. Without it, you will be a failure. (don’t look at me) :wink:

For instance, tonight at the office we were presented a program that can help those having a $500K 401K to cash it in without paying any taxes. The bad thing is that the vehicle is a life insurance. And when I say bad thing is to pamper those who still don’t get why life insurance is the vehicle rich people, and banks use to protect themselves and leverage their expenses.

But to be a good learner, you need to be positive to all venues out there. You may be throwing away an opportunity. Of course, never get into buying a brick of gold, or that lottery ticket that person can’t cash in because he is a felon or something like that. Or, Bitcoin. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Personally, I like discussing investment ideas. It helps having to articulate to others why a stock is being purchased. You can get other perspectives from those in the industry who might know more about the specific company or one of its competitors.

There are a lot of different ways to make money in stocks. Even if you look at billionaire investors, they have different styles. Their style is what fits their strength of skills and personality.

The most important aspect is to always keep adding money to your investment portfolio.

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