What is Facebook doing!

Sell :skull_and_crossbones:

Read this interesting comment somewhere:

It does raise an interesting ethical question

What’s the priority - “Captain goes down with the ship”, or “women and children first”?

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What is the purpose of this? Burn $$$ on virtual goods (vaporware) given all the inflation on physical goods?


That’s what I don’t understand about the metaverse. The idea the economy will be bigger than the real economy is laughable. People don’t have that much disposable income.

You can work in metaverse :wink:

Sigh…I should’ve sold the FB stock I own at 220. This metaverse idea looks like it’s complete garbage.

Everyone I know is flocking to MeWe.

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Fuxk bully zuckerberg

Meta is rightfully scared of TiK Tok


TikTok Turns on the Money Machine

ByteDance’s hit video app is on track to triple revenue this year to $12 billion, threatening Facebook’s hold on social media

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