What is Facebook doing!

Stop burning :fire: so much money :dollar:


Meta Quietly Reduces Staff in Cost-Cutting Push

Facebook parent is looking to reduce costs by at least 10%, people familiar with the plans said, while Google has required some employees to apply for new jobs

Mark realizes a certain COO has been pumping $ into pet projects and promoting certain personalities. Only when the tide is out, you know who are swimming naked.

Sure we can blame COO or they just sucked at many things.

Shopping on Instagram? lol.
WhatsApp monetization? lol.
Payments/ Crypto :skull: :skull: :skull:
Facebook app / site is still a shitshow. I use it everyday but it’s frustrating.
Messenger… it’s ok.
Reels/short videos. We’ shall see.
The metaverse? Idk yet but it’s costing billions and billions.

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Google/Alphabet below $100 or $Meta… :thinking:

Maybe Javi is the real deal…let’s see it.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sheryl Sandberg Replacement Has Long Been Meta’s Top Fixer

Javier Olivan, the architect of Facebook’s grow-at-all-costs strategy, needs to keep it going.


Ain’t you’re saying COO sucks at execution.

I don’t know what I’m saying. :joy: I just say bs . :joy:

If your coo sucked, then the ceo and board sucked more for keeping that person for so long then.

Allow me to repeat…

Repeat it again for me. I’m dense

When a company is in a growth path… company doing well… whoever holding leadership position seem like genius…

Facebook is happy to see her leave… finally.

No excuses now right?

Sandberg is gone, time to execute

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Facebook needs to execute like amazon/apple which means much tougher times for engineers. No more rest and vest. Google is still ok as they are saved by google search.

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