What is Facebook doing!


WeChat is the thing that kills iPhones in China. Zuck would do very well copying it. Unifying the messaging infra sounds too much like an engineering feel-good project with iffy business returns.


Would save a lot of money in software development. Is the right thing to do given how expensive a SWE is. Apple has been adopting this approach for a long time, iOS, WatchOS and MacOS share the same kernel which is open source. Even the UIs share a lot of codes. Saved tons of development costs. Ditto for hardware, many components and PCB layouts are the same.


Saving costs is fine for a no-growth company like Apple :smiling_imp: Facebook should make WA more useful, more powerful and not just being a mere messaging tool. Where the heck is payment? WeChat has its own maps. Does FB have a map? WeChat is an OS all by itself with its mini-app platform. WA is nothing but sending texts.


Good Times Keep Rolling for Facebook and Google’s Ad Businesses



Keyword is “apps”. Stay away from rogue(my definition:non apple made) apps.


Zuck finally gets it. Super bullish for FB.


Happy for FB, have only 700 shares, may be time to sell some AAPLs and buy more FBs. Very disappointed that iMessage and Apple Pay are not elevated to SVP position, still under the $37M NW (seem a bit low) guy,


Apple is not putting enough emphasis on the potential of iMessage and Apple Pay. Get Scott Forstall back to head this if they can’t find any internal SVP capable candidate.


Give eddy 100M if he can make iMessage and Apple Pay great.

I am using more of Facebook messenger and less of iMessage nowadays. Not sure if it’s intentional or not links to Facebook posts don’t get expanded in iMessage which is pretty annoying.


:+1: Should have given what they gave to Angela to him. TC (not TA, Tim Apple) is not rewarding correctly. IMHO, evolving iMessage and Apple Pay is more critical than Video streaming service. Eddie is an entertainment (music, video) guy at heart, he doesn’t understand potential of iMessage and Apple Pay… future of internet.
“WeChat has shown definitively that private messaging, especially the small groups, is the future,”
“It is the uber utility of business and life. It has shown the path.”

Facebook would build more ways for people to interact on top of messaging, “including calls, video chats, groups, stories, businesses, payments, commerce, and ultimately a platform for many other kinds of private services.”

Alternatively since these services run on iOS, if can make such services be easily use together, could be better than stick them into a messaging apps. Whatever, should get Scott Forstall back.



Chan Zuckerberg co-founder Priscilla Chan: ‘Paying higher taxes is not a bad thing, we should be doing that’

Intentionally left out, “For people who can afford it” :joy:


I never understand what’s iMessage. Had to manually disable iMessage when it eats my text message. Someone should have been fired long time ago


Damn!!! Facebook should just hire me as strategist! :rage:


Now that Zuck got the gospel I am more bullish than ever on FB!! UP UP UP!!! :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Payment is key. FB needs to roll out its payment functionality ASAP.



How many shares do you have?


Too few. Will buy more.


Too few means 1,000?
I think can add 2mrw since might drop back to $165.


Too few means almost none. He did say he sold all last year at $130.

You also have a joke of a number of shares. Buy buy buy!


How can FB make money off a WeChat service? I thought it already has 2 big
Messengers and not much money is made yet


How come the author didn’t write about the Gmail outage last night? Someone’s playing favorites.