What is Facebook doing!


lol what. outages are fact of life, move on!


Absolutely unacceptable. Where’s the $300K+ worth of work!? :thinking:


umm, he probably paid it of with a 300m$ launch :slight_smile:

I for sure paid my salary hundreds of folds over :slight_smile:


Facebook won’t store data in countries with human rights violations — except Singapore

For all its glitz and economic power, Singapore’s human rights record falls far below internationally recognized norms. The state, with a population of five million, consistently falls close to the bottom in worldwide rankings by rights groups for its oppressive laws against freedom of speech, expression and assembly and limited rights to privacy under its expanding surveillance system. Worse, the country is known for its horrendous treatment of those in the LGBTQ+ community, whose actions are heavily restricted and any public act or depiction is deemed criminal. And even the media are under close watch and often threatened with rebuke and defamation lawsuits by the government.

Reporters Without Borders said Singapore has an “intolerant government,” and Human Rights Watch called some of the country’s more restrictive laws “draconian.”


Who care about freedom of speech and expression, not interested in listening to garbage like those from the UCLA grad. No babies, no legal rights, period. Sharing info means super efficient government e-services.



The WhatsApp guy should have been fired long ago. Did nothing for 5 years.

FB is launching into a new direction. Makes sense to have new people leading.


How many FBs do you have? I have 700 shares :wink: AH lost $3k :disappointed_relieved: Expected short-term weakness to $165, so it held on stronger than I expected. Technicals always indicate info not made public yet, pretty obvious some people already knew that those two dinosaurs are leaving.


When you bought FB at $38 like I did, you don’t have to care whether the stock dropped 5 points because some dinosaurs are leaving. You need to hold on to your shares longer and don’t sell in a panic like what @manch did with his.


They are SO FREE to make a donation to the government. They can put their money where their mouth is.

Actually, she did say it:

I’d rather donate to a designated cause though. Who trusts the gov’t to spend it wisely? Why wouldn’t you simply donate to the causes you want accomplished?


Your point? The headline left out the phrase, “For people who can afford it” which change her view drastically. Since many people read only headlines, they will have the impression that she is a snob and insensitive to many people who can’t afford higher tax.


Fair enough :slight_smile: But they did at least include it later in the article.


Did not realize MySpace is still a thing…



Free speech and expression is so great that now we have millions of video stream of brutal killings using guns! in New Zealand broadcast in social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Censoring and control of web isn’t that bad, huh?

FB and GOOG are red because of these video streams.



“Someday, this will happen to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Don’t trust the platforms to archive your data.”

Probably just as well with Facebook. Given how much they leak to potential future employers, wouldn’t be so bad to have 12 years of posts just wiped out.

Apparently my husband goes through once a year to delete old posts so that FB doesn’t have that history.


No onsite backup and disaster planning (off site archival)?


Naah,FB will do it just because they feel like it.


Deleting from user’s POV does not mean FB deleted it as well from their servers.