What is the Ballpark cost of Brandnew HVAC installation - San Jose

This home does not have HVAC since 1950s, everything we need to install brand new installation. I have got a Costco quote for 21.5k. Is this normal or expensive?

I have only done a few AC installations recently (re-use existing ductwork, etc). It used to cost me $4K to put in a new furnace or AC 3 years back. It cost me $4500 last year.

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Does that include all the duct work? That seems crazy expensive if it doesn’t.

Yes, it includes duct work, electric lines, permit for both Heater and A/C appx 1600 sqft.

The estimator said minimum 3 ton is required for single story whole house, but he gave me 3-5 ton range unit.

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The biggest bottleneck is getting reliable contractor with current environment.

3 ton should be more then enough since you have new construction and I assume you are going to do good insulation.

It is not going to be new construction, but adding HVAC over the new home. I do not think insulation is there. Yes, I understand the efficiency or heat/cold leak without insulation.

I recently (January/Febraury 2018) got new ductwork and new attic insulation from 2 different companies.

  • New insulation for 1500 sq foot = $3500. This included removing old insulation, cleanup of all rat poop, sealing for future rats etc. I had gotten a quote of $2500 for just new insulation without cleanup of old one.

  • New ductwork for 1500 sq foot house: $3500. It included new boots.

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Thats way too expensive. Shop around

I paid 6.7k for everything new Hvac and AC for 1500 sft home 2 years ago.
One more I did recently is Only labor for 2500.
Both these are w/o getting permits.

With permits and licensed technician should be not more than 10k.


We also could not get contractors to even call us back last year and my husband did the work himself. Our friend who lives in Northern CA still has a contractor’s license so he came down to check the house and figure out what’s needed, purchased the unit and gave instructions on my husband to proceed with the work. It’s working great. The material cost was around $2500. But, my husband can do electrical and electronic stuff.


One other info, my husband has put in all the ductwork, heating unit, etc about 18 years ago and still good (all checked). He was told by our friend to add one more vent to balance airflow.

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This is the only issue I am facing now. In a separate project, I hired a person who came, got some advance , never did any work, not moving at all.

Every time I call him, he gives some excuse and new commitment and never meet that commitment. I am fed up with him.

Just put in some windows units. $150 each

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