What is the best place to look out for mortgage - new purchase?

I am looking to purchase multiplex/SFH in San Mateo, CA.

Since I have multiple rentals and Primary home mortgage, my case becomes complex with current mortgages 50% LTV. In my past, even though they pre-approved, under writers put me in to issues - final minute drama.

This is appx 1M+ loan with 25% down payment using HELOC. My LTV moves from 50% to 65%(appx) when I use HELOC

SOFI or Bank of west…etc at present? I am fine with Mortgage Bankers (but not hard money lender). Portfolio lenders are perfect choice.

I do not mind paying extra cost or 0.5% interest rate, but would like to engage a good lender who can reliably provide me a loan.

What are the lenders, lenient on mortgage lending, I can approach? They should not strike with Fannie Mae rules.


I am on vacation at the moment but if you want to PM me for my mortgage broker’s contact info she can advise you some. I believe some of the folks have called her for rates and such.

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@Jil, I talked with @sfdragonboy’s broker too, she seems very knowledgable. But I haven’t done business with.

I recently bought an investment property close about 850K value, with 25% down (I can do 20 but I was striking not to get to Jumbo) and most of the fund were coming from my HELOC. My mortgage broker was able to go through underwriting before the contract and we were able to close the loan in 20 days (was competing with Cash offer) when the time comes. Happy to refer to her to if you want more person to talk with.

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I did. Thanks.

We should compile a list of REF lenders…