What Is The Busiest Air Passenger Flight Route In The World?

Ok, if you can guess this, you’re pretty good…

My guess: Hong Kong to Taipei!!!

And I’m right (for intl flights)!!! :rofl:

Huh, how do we know you didn’t cheat :face_with_monocle:

I’d have guessed Hong Kong to Tokyo. HK people visit Japan 3 or 4 times a year.

Are Hong Kong people fake Japanese?

No, HKers are fake British!!! :rofl:

Both Taiwan and Japan are very cheap compared to prices in HK, especially Taiwan. It’s a pretty popular retirement spot for HK folks nowadays. No one can afford to visit Singapore.

But Hong Kong people can’t speak Mandarin nor Japanese.


hello kon ban wan

wata shiwa hongkong no maichy desu

What’s that? Is that supposed to be you?

I told you I am old :older_man:

好leung :joy:

Sam Hui has the absolute BEST Cantonese lyrics of all time. Truly unbelievable!!

1976 Hong Kong :smile:

Poor Peter Lai - extremely underrated for his songwriting abilities.