What Percent Are You (With your income)?

Check your Percentile Rank.

What Percent Are You?

I think it’s more meaningful to measure one’s net worth. By definition a rich person retiring early makes very little income.

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Net worth measure is available here, but it is 2011 level (likely outdated)

I don’t care about anything. All I know is that anybody still working, dealing and wheeling is a poor person to me. Period!

Now, those people cruising the Bahamas, and never returning home, they are rich to me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just checked. I am still a long way from 1% in net wealth… :slight_smile:

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Rich is a state of mind…Most people consider themselves middle class…If you can live off the interest on your interest then you are rich. But mostly this a political discussion. …The class envy/warfare faction is trying to create anarchy at everyone’s expense. …Society will always have unequal wealth distribution, unless everyone is forced onto poverty like in Cuba, where no one benefits…

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