What Percentage Of Americans Own Stocks Or Real Estate?

From Financial Samurai. Fascinating stats!

Now that the economy is on fire, all Americans should be rejoicing in their wealth, right? Wrong! Only 52% of Americans own any stocks according to a recent Gallup poll and only about 63% of Americans own real estate according to the Census Bureau, down from a high of about 69% in 2004. Given these figures, the bull market has left a lot of people behind.

Couple observations:

  1. Only 52% of Americans own stocks. No bubble in sight for another 5 years. I am still sensing a lot of skepticism about the rally. That just means we are nowhere near the top.

  2. Why the heck are Millennials overweighing cash and underweighing stocks? Gold? What the heck?

  3. That REIT-vs-S&P chart surprised me. We all assumed S&P return is around 10%. But with 2 recessions in the last 20 years return is actually only half that. That was also a secular bear market.

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They ain’t worried. Your kids (all of you guys lucky enough to have some) are already salivating over your real estate holdings that will become theirs…

Life goal: leave a 10M inheritance to each kid so they can all do useless majors like art history.

Don’t slave for your kids. Spend away and enjoy life to your fullest. Your kids are secondary. You come first.

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I bet they are… :rofl:

Can you adopt me? :grin:

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Kids are expensive. :smile:

Don’t worry, I bring some real estate baggage, and I can help reinvest yours too, DAD! :wink:


69% of households have less than $1,000 in savings. They aren’t likely to become investors or RE buyers. I think investors will keep growing their share of the assets.

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Not really… you should always put yourself in No. 1 position…

Don’t argue with me, I’m the biologist not you…

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Most Americans only care about themselves, they do not work hard to leave their children any inheritance.

If you plan to leave 10M to your children, what kind of expectations will you have on your kids? How often do you like them to visit you or assist you when you are too old to walk?

It’s likely that your children would choose independence and freedom over your promised inheritance. They can make a living and they may not care about money as much as you do

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Equity REITs invest in commercial properties while his article talks about residential property. This gives the impression that investing in residential property rental is better than stocks. Also, are the equity REITs used in 1997 the same as those now or he removed those REITs that had failed in-between i.e. only used the survival.

Giving your kids $10m will do them no favors…Teach them how to make $10m instead. Teach them discipline and financial knowledge. .Free stuff will just make them freeloaders. …It is even worse to promise it to them when they die, …They will just try to barely make it by waiting for you to die…They will end up despising you…


They will also attempt murder should they want their inheritance early… :fearful:

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Wifey’s philosophy is very similar to @Elt1. She thinks kids won’t learn to be strong if we make things too easy on them. Her take is both of us had nothing but our education and had to make our way in the world. So she is only committed to getting the kids educated. I am softer…:sweat_smile:

Folks, my kids are already spoiled. So for you guys who will leave nothing to your kids, my kids can use some extra money… just saying. :smile:

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