What To Do If You've Picked The Wrong Suburb

Yes, East Coast article but still a decent read I think

Commit suicide? :rofl:

We were very lucky to pick the right exburb…I love small town living. My is wife very social and we have tons of new friends…In fact we have collected more friends than in a lifetime in the BA…I grew up in Berkeley, which never had a close knit community, after the 60s nightmare…My BA friends are squattered over hundreds of square miles. .Here they are all within a 10 mile radius…Have dinner parties all the time…
It is a great retirment community. .Plus a world class tourist destination, 24 hr entertainment, 200 restaurants, 6 miles of beach, 12 ski resorts, best lake in America…All for a bargain price…Average 4 bd home price is $450k…Lake front for $600k and up

When are you coming out with the late night info-commercial on buying South Lake Tahoe RE???

No need to…They are coming…Yesterday I was finishing moving out of my last house…My old BA business partner drove by…Looking for a prime lake front in the Keys…Just a random drive by…The hoards are coming…I am ready…Maybe when it gets overrun I will move to Sun Valley Idaho…But the weather is milder here and it is a lot more affordable. …Plus nowhere else has the Lake…BTW, he is going to build 10 condos by Heavenly. …