What to invest in for reasonable return, moderate risk?

Am signing docs on financing of on a rental property later in the week. Will be getting a fair bit of cash in hand. I had not really thought about what to do with the money as the project dragged on a lot longer then i expected. What’s people’s recommendations on what to do with the cash? just DCA into an index fund?

Depends when you need the money back. If you need cash in a short while (3-6 months) then it is not available for investment really.

I don’t plan to touch the money any time soon. so at least 1-3 year horizon

Is this a test question? Thought you have decided on index fund long ago.

Yah, just not sure if I should keep adding to it. Plus I always like to check for new information periodically

International markets aren’t nearly as stretched as the US market and, with the credit for foreign taxes paid, yield about 3%. VEU is one. Or, emerging markets also trade at lower multiples and higher yields. Unless you think coronavirus is going to turn all the Asians into zombies.

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For me, DCA into VOO is simple solution.

My neighbor, who does not have any investment knowledge, told me that he got 25% return with mutual fund last year (fidelity managed the investments). VOO is much better and higher than this.

My relative, again no investment expert, earned 35%-38% from FDGRX. we may not even get such returns normally.

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