What to use to make the tree stump decompose quickly?

I have a few tree stumps in the yard. What product is the best to make the stump decompose quickly?

You can hire stump grinder small size and get rid of it. I always used to remove with stump grinder as part of tree removal with my gardener. This is quickest way to get rid off. Hire a rental stump grinder at home depot, and hire a handyman from homedepot they stand early morning. It may cost you easily $60 to $100, but you see clean yard.


There are stump remover liquid that you can drill holes and pour/patch it. Home depot may have it. Amazon may have it. I have not used it, but I saw that was used previously in one of the rentals I bought. This is mainly for small tree stumps.

According to Breaking Bad…Hydrofluric Acid…lol