What's the deal with this bathroom?

I can’t think of a reason why you need that outdoor space outside of a bathroom… People like to drink wine there?


It’s the perfect spot for an outdoor spa. Reminds me of the hot spring at SLO.

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Really? I thought outdoor spa should be placed outside of master bedroom?

What if the water spills out? Probably easier to maintain outside the bathroom.

I am more bothered by open shower booth.
How can they clean the wet floor?

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Yeah… this is a really weird, I mean unconventional, bathroom. :smile:

You need that glads type that switches from transparent to opa2ue. No privacy with this one otherwise.

After our last bachelor party where the groom took a shower with our lovely guest, they could have certainly used this space to chit chat while drying each other off…:grinning:

Did they add the bathroom by using part of the master bedroom for the space? Then it would make sense, because the door and outdoor area were there for the master bedroom.

What do you do at the outdoor spa? do you sit around wet and naked?

Never tried a spa in a residential backyard, but personally I love outdoor hot springs. The breeze helps cooling you off from the heat.

Shocker! Price reduced!!!


Used to be 2.2M. Now only 1.998.

Nice and secluded, but lacking in curb appeal no???

C’mon, Chinese should NOT care about curb appeal.

First impressions are important… everyone wants that killer house curb appeal that when someone comes to visit you they know you have game…

Nice curb appeal just tells the world you are filthy rich. You better have cash for ransom money.

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From the looks of this place, the thieves (never mind your friends and family) will have a hard time figuring out how to get up to your darn house. Where is the freaking walkway???