What's wrong with this 95129 one?

We discussed this house earlier in this forum. It’s back on the market. It is right on Bollinger - a very busy street. But I don’t understand why the list price is lower than the previous list.

Seller thinks the lucky 8s will save him/her.

Again, like that other house that is located on a corner alongside a busy street, isn’t that why some folks are not liking it too? They may have small children so playing out in the streets is a no-no and perhaps a deal breaker. Noise from whizzing by cars on that busy street also not desirable?

That’s just a teaser price. Seller is hoping to net in well over $2M with this remodel.

Oh… maybe it wasn’t a remodel… only a resale after 1 year… :wink:

Maybe the buyer can’t stand the busy street and wants to bail out now with a long term gain tax

Me thinks buyer wants to cash out a $300k ++ gain…thats a 14k lot feeding into lynbrook …notwithstanding bollinger …it will have multiple offers and most likely agent will dual represent so everyone walks away :blush: