What's your predictions for single family and condo if Assembly Bill 1506 passes?

If Assembly Bill 1506 passes and Californian cities are free to rent control all housing types, what’s your predictions for single family house and condo?

For single family house and condo, we could evict the tenants before rent control comes and sell to owner occupants. But not every landlord will be knowledgable and decisive enough to do that. I guess many landlords will not pay much attention and let their SFR/condo slip into rent control. How will this affect pricing?

If you are lucky and sell your SFR/condo before the rent control, what’s your plan to use your proceeds? Where can we buy if California becomes worthless to invest?

I like to think that this bill has no chance to pass. But with a Democratic super-majority, it’s a real risk, even if not this year.


What percent of condos and SFH are rentals? I think it’d impact condos more. I’ve heard upwards of 40% are rentals. I doubt SFH are that high of percentage. It’d kill multi family development. So I think long-term prices would increase even if there’s short-term pain.

People who have a guaranteed stable low rent will see no reason to buy. That will have an impact on SFR pricing.

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If this bill passes the whole state is f**cked…No new housing will be built, period. .But prices will still go up as long as people keep moving here…The liberals can’t change the laws of economics. .In fact rent control is one of the reasons SF has the highest rent in the US…Rent control and nimbys= high prices…

Re-zone 7*7 into high density. Tell Trump can bully his way in. All cities would be re-zoned to high density.

Awesome news! I just got an email from the East Bay Rental Housing Association that AB 1506 got pulled!!! Chicken wings on me!!! We are good until 2018 at which point Bloom may reintroduce it. Great job guys!!!

Here is some early reporting of what went down…


We need to vote Bloom, Chiu and Bonta out of office.

They are from 3 worst cities for property owners, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Oakland. BA people can influence SF and Oakland, better get good assemblymen with common sense than some power hungry shameless politicians.

Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica)
David Chiu (D-San Francisco)
Rob Bonta (D-Oakland).

The repeal is back, this time labeled “Affordable Housing Act” (sounds better than “Repeal Costa-Hawkins”, right?). They have enough signatures to put it on the ballot:


Oh the irony, since it’ll make housing even less affordable. It’s all about marketing.

It’s ironic that I agreed to send a notice of rent increase, when I hadn’t wanted to. It was recommended by my PM as protection for adding another tenant to the lease in case they don’t ever want to leave. Still torn… is this a common practice?

There are only 15 cities in the whole state listed as having rent control policies. Recently, it seems more have either voted to repeal a rent control ordinance, or otherwise decided against rent control: Fremont (2017), Glendale (2013), Palo Alto (2017), Santa Rosa (2017).

Wait until housing prices go up so much that the only option is to rent. Then rent control will come.

MTV got its rent control about a year or two back - there are plenty of multi units in mv. I am curious what city is next. Oakland? MP (east MP is fairly multi-unity)? Sunnyvale?

Oakland has rent control

I want my MTV…:notes:

Mountain View is toooo expensive to even rent. There’s an initiative called “Measure V Too Costly” to moderate rent control with conditions like income qualifications, vacancy levels, etc. Reasonable amendments but maybe they should change the name.