When Do Girls Lose Interest In Science & Math

Where are you getting your information? This is simply just not true. I can’t even respond to the rest of your comments I find them so offensive.

My wife is an engineer. .Both her parents were engineers in Russia…She even got a masters in petroleum engineering at Stanford…Unfortunately she isn’t interested in that field at all and never pursued a career in Bakersfield, Texas or Alaska where all her fellow graduates ended up…People will naturally head towards careers that suit them, no matter what parents or society demands

I already classified my comments as “omg, pic”, pic is politically incorrect.

I’m talking about real personal feelings, not ideological stuff. Would you mind tolerating a little bit of PIC talk and tell me which part is/are not true and which part is/are true?

If the college graduates are 60% women, should we give men an affirmation action and make it easier for men to go to college and graduate from college?


Automation is not a net job killer. Just look at all the past times in history. What happened is the types of jobs changed and skill sets required changed.

My hypothesis is that jobs of the future will be more human oriented that requires empathy. All the boring “lone wolf” type jobs like long distance truck driving will likely get automated. But jobs that require lots of personal skill and empathy like real estate agents and nurses will flourish.

Why are there so few male dental hygienists? I posted on the other thread it apparently pays mighty well and only requires community college degree. Instead I keep hearing conservatives trying to save dead end jobs like coal mining.

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Sure, if we can have affirmative action at the senior executive and CEO level. Why are over 90% of CEOs male? And mostly white male at that? Maybe we should affirmative action our president too?

Joking aside what systemic biases do you see we are discriminating against men in college admission? I am not aware of any.

If women are favored in college admission, are men discriminated against or not?

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Don’t fall into this type of illogical reasoning. Essentially extrapolate the past into future.

Writing. Interviews.

Who wants a male hygienist with big hands?.I want a female dentist and hygenist with the smallest hands possible for the cheapest price…That why my female dentist is in Mexico…Men are being pushed out, to make room for female employees…They have reacted badly…Prisons are full of men that have been neglected …Lets face it disenfranchised males elected Trump…Equal opportunity for all is good, but unemployed males are dangerous. Society needs to keep them occupied, in school or with jobs…Even it is make work like the military, public service or infrastructure construction. .It should be a national program to keep boys and men busy and engaged with society. …Look at the Middle East where youth unemployment is 50%…It causes society to melt down, chaos and social disorder occurs…

If out of the last 100 times the same outcome has happened I think the burden is on you to prove why the 101st will be different. The same outcome is the heavy favorite. Basically you are saying “this time will be different”. Well it may be but if history is any guidance people are underestimating human ingenuity.

Few if any male dental hygienist but plenty of male dentists. In fact I will be seeing one this week.

The long term job loss caused by technological revolution is less clear. People are resilient and over a period of time(maybe a generation or two), they catch up with the skill sets. However, the short term effect is more obvious. With this new AI wave, the negative effect will also last longer than other revolutions. The new jobs have much higher requirement for the skill sets. They take more years of training and demand higher intellectual capacities.

Prohibiting technological advancement is not going to work well, given how much competitive countries and people have become. UBI, at some point, has to be one of the major elements to solve the problem.

Men are worse at writing and interviews? Really? I don’t have that impression.

I think the jury is way out on the necessity of UBI. History is full of wise men who underestimated humans adaptive power. I think we will do fine, just like all the times prior.

That’s kind of funny… :stuck_out_tongue:

I grew up going to a drunken Irish dentist with huge hands…Can’t stand to have large hands in my mouth…It is painful…The smaller the better…There are many jobs women do better than men and this is definitely one…My ski buddy is Stockton dentist…5’4 with tiny hands (smaller than Trumps)
He did very well till he retired this year…


Maybe girls become smarter at picking something not so difficult? Maybe they don’t like that much of a challenge we males face every day? Maybe maternal instincts?

I don’t know, only women can have the right answer. Like abortion, we shouldn’t be meddling in their territory.

Drunken dentist? That does sound scary…

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