When Friends Buy a Home Together

For some New Yorkers who have been priced out of New York City’s real estate game, pooling resources with friends and siblings has become the quickest path to homeownership. And while sharing a front door can put even the best relationships to the test, some are finding it’s worth the risk.

For Laurie Savage, a writer and restaurant server, and her husband, Garette Henson, a filmmaker, both 36, the arrival of their son, Fox Henson, almost 2, sparked the idea of buying real estate with a friend. That friend was Alix Frey, 37, whom they had met when they were all students at Sarah Lawrence College.

The group recently moved into a three-story two-family townhouse in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Ms. Frey, the director of the Blum & Poe gallery in Manhattan, occupies the top level while the couple have the lower level, including the basement and the backyard. The parlor level is divided between the Savage/Hensons and Ms. Frey.

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Ok @manch, set up the Paypal link and let’s go buy something together. No condo, ok???:slight_smile::grinning::grin:

No condo no talk Jose.

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Seems like this isn’t so uncommon where there are duplexes. Know a lot of people who have bought homes together. The most convoluted was one where people were essentially renters and all got some equity in the home while they rented.

Buying with friends?
Hide your spouse, and buy a gun…:laughing: