When they bother me, I kill them

I was amused, then annoyed to the fact that anything left on the kitchen counter, on my oven, and anything inside the sink would be visited by them. I sprayed them with Windex, stumped on them, squashed them, but they kept coming. So, at noon, my wife brought a plastic package of Terro PCO, an ant killer.

I killed them! I confess! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

Terro is pretty good, but if you can get some of that infamous Chinese chalk (I believe Fearless Leader found some on eBay) and line your home’s perimeter with it your ant problem should be gone. YMMV of course…

I will look into it, thanks!
I have heard of that chalk but never interested because I always had ants at home but not at this scale, like an invasion.

This morning, they are gone…so sad, but they were a bother.

Technically, banned from selling at retail outlets (toxic???) but somehow ebay perhaps not caught up on it or maybe unreported. Next time I am picking up my illegal firecrackers at the chinese Walmart, I will check for you…:grinning: