When you have workers on your property

When you have workers on your property… where do they use the bathroom?

What’s normal? Should we be renting a porto-potty? We had some work done in the backyard, and I offered to the head of the team that they could use the bathroom - just ring the doorbell, and they never did. I figured maybe they were using bottles or going back to the office which was a couple of miles away, but I think I found that they peed in the place that was supposed to be a vegetable garden. guess not this year.


It depends. If a crazy long remodel job, it may make sense for the contractor or you to rent a Porta-Potty. Otherwise, I suspect the following:

  1. your bathroom (if you are offering)
  2. if they go out for lunch, they go then
  3. backyard baby

I have a half acre of trees/brush here. Go for it. Don’t let the poison ivy hit your privates…

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I suggest promptly renting a porta-potty for the duration of your backyard construction project. This will provide the workers with a dedicated and convenient restroom solution, eliminating any potential misunderstandings or inconvenience. Renting a porta-potty ensures a hygienic and professional environment on your property while accommodating the needs of the construction team.