Where Can I Find These City Level Real Estate Market Statistics?

I just saw a website hosting some interesting charts of Days on Market and Sales/List Ratio data.

Does anyone know if this is public data which could be downloaded from some online database?

I want to perform some statistical analysis on the data.

another chart

very interest data, but the webpage doesn’t list the source.

Where can I get the data?

Search for redfin data

Based on paragon’s data, prices in Santa Clara accelerated in 2016 and have overtaken Marin and Diablo Valley, closing in on SF and SM. So since 2016, SC is more popular than SF?

Not surprising that the South Bay has caught up to the Fab 7x7 with all that money down there…

Appreciation since 2011:

Oakland the best, and Marin the worst.

Santa Clara county #2.

Marin is a concern. It has consistently lagged and close to US average. Is Marin a value now? Or will Marin continue to lag?

Marin is too far to commute to most Tech jobs. Is only for retired people and hippies on trust funds with wealthy parents

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Sorry, I stick to the basics when it comes to why Marin is floundering: high Golden Gate Bridge toll

Obviously is a change in fundamentals :sunglasses:
Here in SC, prices in Los Gatos is lagging too.

Thanks, but the Redfin data only goes back to 2012, while the charts have data all the way back to 1998.
It appears they are from a different source.

<<Bay Area Real Estate Markets Survey | PARAGON>>
This webpage doesn’t contain downloadable data. It’s probably not the source.