Where in Oakland for investment?


Told you it’s a loser house. Don’t buy it.


Honestly, I am pretty much done with Oaktown. The 4plex is enough. SF and the peninsula is still that much better and the best part at least for now is, no tolls!!!


I am the opposite. I am very bullish on the East Bay. It’s the only affordable bit of Silicon Valley left. That’s all, folks.

If I were a founder I would set up shop in Pleasanton or Oakland. Rent is cheaper. Employees are not as antsy always on the lookout for the next gig. I can still hobnob with local VC’s and fellow techies. It’s like moving to Seattle but it’s only a bridge over. What’s not to like?


Well, until i actually see it turn, there is still too much pro renter sentiment in Oakland. And crime. And the schools are not up to snuff. Unlike Fremont, where even the lower scoring areas are vastly improving, I don’t know that you can say the same about the public schools in Oaktown’s flat lands. And not like SF is exempt, but Oakland lies on a major fault line. One day, I will sell the 4plex and ride off into the sunset…


This property looks like real hot home now. Someone, interested in oakland, can walk with 250k cash (or little higher) and get it Monday ! Unfortunately, I am not interested in Oakland or Stockton or Sacramento ! and I do not like to change my policy !


I now think it’s better to buy on the San Leandro side of the border. No rent control and no business tax. But price is also higher too, no surprise…


69k off list


Yeah, this crossed my phone early this morning from a RE broker keeping me in the loop on sold multiplexs in his area. I was somewhat disappointed on how low it went (granted reo and in East Oakland).


It seems like a good deal. Only 140k/unit…

No interest?


I doubt it. Listed 3/27 and closed 3/28. I don’t think a normal transaction can go that fast, let alone an REO. Most likely it was a pre-arranged deal and they are just marking it on MLS maybe due to bank requirements.


Yeah, that makes more sense. On the open market, someone would have paid more.


I see… I didn’t look closely at the dates. Good points. :+1:


You should consult with a local real estate agent of Oakland to buy a property for long term investment.
He will guide you in a better way than anyone else.


Here ya go, @caiguycaiguy…under 400k for a small SFH in Oakland with an inlaw!!! Remodeled supposedly (but of course only one pic).

Decent candidate for Sec 8 tenant perhaps?


Slightly overdone, but it is a house…


Didn’t the BART bandits board the train from the Coliseum station?


Yes, that would be correct. Gentrification is obviously not anywhere remotely complete yet in Oaktown…


Not bad, not bad…235K over asking. Was wondering why the LA left a message on my phone yesterday…



Butt ugly building. .I can build a much more attractive energy saver home. .poor indoor outdoor flow…looks like a large shipping container. …Where is the garage and what is going on next door…Huge driveway ruins the lot…A river of ugly grayness going nowhere