Where in Oakland for investment?


How about castle? …as in titled nobility…pretty much a guareenteed chick magnet


I think it’s wise to go underneath the layers and see what a house/community is made of… knowing about its foundation is not only telling, it’s interesting. What it has to do with Oakland, I don’t know…


I am quite shocked by some responses here.
Do we really live in world’s most advanced society in 21 century?


Smile and be more friendly Oaklanders!!!



Cars don’t say much about an individual person, but can tell you a lot about a neighborhood as a whole. Plus, I don’t care if the guy down the street has tres commas, if he parks his shitmobile RV on the street, it just looks bad.

Maybe this could be a good form of blockbusting next time my neighbors are selling a house I can have a bunch of junkers parked on the street for open houses.


Well, keep in mind that in doing so you will ultimately hurt yourself in theory since if your neighborhood homes don’t sell as well as they should have in the absence of your junkers on the street, that will likely impact your very own home’s value. Hey, comps are comps. Karma works in real estate too…


No, cause I’d buy the homes and then remove the crappy cars and flip them


Working on a house in Stockton, had abandoned cars, a boat without a trailer (that we actually sold), a dirt bag tenant who came back and stole the air conditioner. …but the house looks great, stuccoed it for $5k…We are improving Stockton one house at time despite being in some of the worst neighborhoods. …Feels good, and the neighbors really appreciate it…Unlike Atherton where they only talk to you through their lawyers…



The old residents are moving to Antioch


Cha-ching, @manch!!!


Here you go, @manch… and it’s on EIGHTH street!!! Woohoo, maybe I should buy it…


I hate Victorians. Give me one of those modern boxes instead.




I will agree with Manch…I hate Victorians, too…Too expensive to paint and maintain. …


Sure, more maintenance but more character and style. So, you don’t do 3 or 4 colors on the exterior. Keep it simple then with a nice main color and perhaps a different trim for windows. Buyers come in all shapes and sizes. A smart buyer will see the uniqueness of a property and if done right is willing to pay for that.


What is the point of Victorian anyway? People who buy Victorians today will most likely renovate the heck out of it inside and just keep the Victorian facade. Victorian and most old crap are not good for today’s living. People want open layout, not a million small rooms that are no good for anything.

Victorians suck.


Agree to a certain point about having an open layout but the boxy look of some of the modern homes also can be a turn-off. No sense of style. Somewhat generic and sterile looking. I would take an occasional victorian vs a street filled with similar looking tract homes. That, is not appealing.


I am merely making an objective landlord opinion. .They cost too much to maintain compared to their rental value…Besides only old farts want them…millennials will pay much more for the trendy modern look…Even antiques are losing value…They only appeal to old white folks…a shrinking demographic. .I love the old style look…My last spec house was a contemporary craftsman…The 85 year old buyer loved it…I figured my taste won’t appeal to millennials. .time to quit building specs…


I suppose I can agree with that, that the youngsters probably won’t like the victorians vs the modern box. I like what I like, what can I say?