Where in Oakland for investment?


Some love for East Oakland…



Prize just dropped: https://www.redfin.com/CA/Oakland/2416-Seminary-Ave-94605/home/1761405 They are giving away with 2007 price!


Too east for me. My unofficial boundary is west of High St.


Not east enough for me. I like the part east/south of 98th.



Classic nimbys…would rather live in a a crappy crime invested area than let builders improve the neighborhood and provide 45 affordable housing units. …



(Or bagel shops)


Good news, Fearless Leader and Fellow Oakland Owner…


I have not asked why the heck you moved to SF. Thought you were loyal to SJ and you need a good school for kid. Did your kid go to college and you decided it’s time to move to the inner city?


I moved to SF because SF has better schools. :slight_smile:


Are you serious? Private schools or the magnet school? Other than the private schools and a couple of magnet high schools, SF schools are known for its poor quality. Also school attendance is not based on residence.


Some people like the weather in SF. It’s almost perfect for me but I don’t like the wind


OMG, it is Bizarro World tonight!!! So much love for the Fab 7x7!!! Good schools and weather??? Holy Sheet…


Good wearher? I heard Oakland and RWC are much better than the cold SF.

If you compare with white snow covered Midwest, weather might be close to perfect.

SF has many things going for it, wearher and school are not.


Oh, for sure. Come on, I may be drunk in love wih the Fab 7x7 but I have to recognize better weather when I see and feel it. But it was @User4 who mentioned it for some folks and it is true. When the burbs are in blazing heat for a few days, believe me, everyone wishes they could be in that “cold” of the City. My wifey grew up in tropical weather in Malaysia. She loves our weather so much, she doesn’t ever want to consider moving.


Yeah, I run hot so the cool weather of SF is nice on a calm day. There’s also a lot of sunny days- Almost as much as LA. My problem is what happens every evening when the fog/winds rolls in. Even then, it’s perfect for running/biking

I live in the east bay due to wife


Hmmm, common theme on this forum


My wife from Moscow thinks SF is too cold…Prefers the dry cold of Tahoe to the damp cold of the Sunset…We once went to a summer party in Pacifica. .It was 80 in RWC…53 and windy in Pacifica. .of course it was my fault that her summer dress made her freezing cold…


Is there any good houses in Fruitvale? Ironically, the ghost ship fire could be a huge gentrification event. Police and city will do their part to clean up all the illegal warehouses, those warehouses could be developed into condos and sell to middle income people.

The nonstop media coverage also may scare away the criminals.

Anyone has visited the burned ghost ship site?

Also Oakland is now attracting national attention. Some of the RE investors may think twice about Oakland now. Did Myo suddenly start to research about Oakland due to recent nonstop media coverage? This could be an opportunity for Oakalnd to be rediscovered by RE investors.


To be fair, Pacifica can be quite cold and foggy especially in the summer. Come on, someone from Moscow complaining about SF weather??? LA maybe, not Moscow…