Where in Oakland for investment?


SF offers many “off beat” options in its schools. I came for the Chinese immersion programs. C’mon, even Ivanka’s daughter speaks Mandarin. Besides Chinese, SF also offers French, Japanese and of course Spanish. I’d love to see more Bay Area cities offer a wider language options. Kids are like sponges. They can absorb anything. Why waste the bandwidth?

I am more worried about high school. I have many years to figure that out. :ok_hand:


L O W E L L ! ! ! !

Get your daughters in, and you’re done…


We’ll see if the school is a good fit for us. Somehow I have the impression it’s a pressure cooker there…


I am sure it is by no means a cake walk but it is the best in town. We managed to have fun and I still keep in touch with many of my classmates. At our last annual outing in @Elt1’s neighborhood, one of our classmates was a higher up govt figure responding to the riots in Ferguson. Very interesting discussions over breakfast. You can’t make diamonds out of coal without some pressure…




Some? Very high pressure needed!


I take it Oaktown is just not your bag, @hanera?


Don’t know where is Oaktown. Oakland is too far from South bay.


Hour to hour and a half max??? Investment…not necessarily living


All in East Oakland? It’s all about affordability now.


Coming in at No. 1 is North Stonehurst, a neighborhood in East Oakland, adjacent to the city of San Leandro, where Zillow expects 7.5 percent home value growth.

That’s right in the center of my radar screen! Argh! I like the part of Oakland below 98th to San Leandro. Looks like too many people beat me to it… :sob:


Come on, keep looking… I can’t believe everything is gone in East Oakland.


Wow, Montclair fixer. I am guessing this may go 40-50% over asking easily…


Great find. Yeah, 40%+ overbid sounds likely.


Ok, you want a great find? This is pretty good. This is the place that my Oakland contractor was raving about and was pleading for me to jump in on. Bank owned. Price is right for 4 units and totally vacant. Have at it, all. I might go there this weekend if still an open house. Totally needs fixing up but Tracie already estimated the monthly mortgage to be just over 3k. Four units renting at market on this should be way, way cash positive no??? The only reason I am backing off on this one is that it is a tad much for me at this point in my life. If my contractor would go in on 50%, then absolutely but he has no money. Also, I suspect this will sell for way more anyway.


A bit rough… :smile:


Agreed, hence, my hesitation at this time in my life. My contractor was raving about its potential and I agree at 645K for FOUR vacant units??? What do you want???


Right. Jump in chief.


I even went to God himself (Big Bro). He is 10x more negative than even you can be… Even he said, price is right (but his wife said no).


Looks like your big bro’s wife is the real God. :smiley: