Where in Oakland for investment?


How about this part of San Leandro:

4/2.5/1600 built in 2002. PITI $3,450 and Zillow rent estimate $3,200. Within strike zone, assuming it will sell for close to list price.


What about this compare to that: https://www.redfin.com/CA/Oakland/9664-Armstrong-Dr-94603/home/22682849 ?


It has a $120 hoa


Rent estimate is a lot lower at 2700.


Actually the Oakland house is pretty good too. Rent is lower, but price is also lower. Percent-wise cap rate is a tad lower, but otherwise they are not that different financial-wise.

But I am more curious why the price delta is so big. The houses are pretty close to each other. The schools around the SL house are not great at 4/5/6. But that’s already much better than the ones around the Oakland house at 1 or 2. Between the two I would have gone for the San Leandro house. If I had the money that is… :sob:


Pending, of course…


Out of principle I won’t buy anything if the agent wrote the description in ALL CAP! BOY, WHY ARE THESE AGENTS SO ANGRY? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM?


Dude, you have some very odd no-no’s. This is a FINE HOME!!! It may go well over 50% over list.


Caps don’t bother me…Who cares about caps? Helps us old folks read better…lol
But personally I think a house with that many exterior stairs is a huge negative, especially with this nasty winter weather…Will not appeal to old folks or families with young children. .Worse than a 4 story house…BS about the view…all overcast and obstructed by the utility wires…I hate up slope lots. COOL PICTURE OF WHEN ITS WAS BUILT…I wonder why they replaced the original garage door with dated sliders…


It’s baaaaaaaaack!!!


Don’t do it!


Buy and flip? This is a flipper’s dream


3/1/1000. Close to San Leandro. Asking for 345K. PITI $1820. Rent estimate $2650. So potentially $600 cashflow.

No interior picture though. And the outside looks rather rough…


I suspect the area is not so hot and it is somewhat close to the airport that I wonder if one can actually get that kind of rent there. Pretty cheap though…


Another one in San Leandro. Build in 2008. 3/3/1650 asking 606K.

PITI $3,200. Rent estimate $3,100.


I like the location. It’s close to downtown SL and close to Bart. It would also make sense for someone working at OSI Soft at the tech building next to the station.



I actually don’t know much about that location… Tell me more… :slight_smile:

Never heard of OSI Soft until today. They have been around since 1980! What other companies have operations around there?


Adding more fuel to Temescal…


Will there will be an overbuilding in Oakland? Seems inevitable. But for now, new development means gentrification and good news to Oakland